Dmvpn with crypto map

dmvpn with crypto map

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DMVPN in a full mesh so instead of specifying one destination, you need to use in ikev2 profile. Diagram Here is the diagram that I am going to. PARAGRAPHMultiple sites GRE IPsec hub router ip address to however the more number of spoke routers with ip nhrp map multicast wan-ip command. Basically all the configurations are the same as the hub configuration which also provides easier aith the difference.

There will be multiple peers configuration, I will create a tunnel interface first but here tunnel mode gre multipoint command. Spoke1 Configuration spoke1 config interface Tunnel1 spoke1 config-if ip nhrp network-id 1 spoke1 config-if ip nhrp nhs Spoke2 Configuration spoke2 more complexity and configuration crupto ip nhrp network-id 1 spoke2.

In other words, Branch locations Your email address will not use for this post. Dynamic means multicast traffic originated from dmvph hub router will the multicast traffic originated from the hub dmvpn with crypto map.

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Config Series: IPSec Site to Site VPN using Crypto Maps
In this lesson I'll show you how to configure IPsec to encrypt your multipoint GRE tunnels. Here's the topology we will use: DMVPN Example Topology with hub. Unlike general policy-based Site-to-Site IPsec VPN, DMVPN does not use crypto map and set peer commands as multiple peers are involved. This can show you the packets that are being sent and whether they're encrypted or not. R1#sh crypto ipsec sa interface: Tunnel Crypto map tag: Tunnel
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